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3rd Party Verification System

  • ISNetworld (more on this to come)

  • PEC Premiere (more on this to come)

  • PICS (more on this to come)


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BP, Georgia-Pacific, Chevron, Thyssenkrupp, & Arizona Chemical... These are just a few of the “Owner Clients” of ISNetworld, an online review and verification service.

In the past in order to become a vendor or contractor for these (and 165 others) you had to have your safety program verified by sending your safety information to the company. Now the “Owner Client” gives “ISNetworld” the parameters for an acceptable safety program, vendors and contractors submit their information for verification through “ISNetworld”. This can include your written safety programs, OSHA logs, Experience Modifier Rates, employee training records, and more. In addition, you must subscribe to the system and pay a fee based on the number of employees. In addition, there is a great amount of new record keeping required.

If you are a contractor or vendor now faced with these requirements or training/record keeping to meet these requirements contact us at 251-675-5903 or

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OSHA’s New Citation and Penalty Structure

Don’t face an inspection or citation hearing by yourself!  In October 2010 the Occupational Safety and Health Administration started using a new calculation for assessing penalties when citations are issued to a company. The result is that the penalties are substantially higher than they were. Companies with serious violations lose some penalty reduction adjustments and if they have been inspected within the last five years will receive an additional 10% increase. The citation hearing is a process that you must apply for within 15 days of receiving your citation.

Soon, if OSHA does as they have for the last several years, they will send out letters to employers with higher than average injury and illness rates. Companies on that list are much more likely to receive an OSHA inspection.

We can help you with an OSHA type audit/review of your safety program to determine where you stand or assist you in implementing an OSHA compliant safety and training program. Contact us for more information at 251-675-5903 or

The 3 A's of Safety

What are the three most important things that you can instill in your employees to guide them toward the goals you want and need for your safety program?  Do you have employees who are not “out in front” on the safety issues in your company?  Do you have employees who are knowledgeable when it comes to safety? Do your employees really understand safety, or are they simply “following the rules?”

Let’s take a closer look at the three A’s of Safety:  AWARENESS, ATTITUDE, ACTION... for more on this article please feel free to join our mailing list by clicking here.



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