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Bonner's Audiometric Testing

Basic Elements

There are four basic elements involved when considering a hearing conservation program.

  1. Written Program 
  2. Audiometric Testing
  3. Monitoring
  4. Time Weighted Averages

Noise Level Measurements

As part of an overall hearing conservation program, we at Bonner’s Audiometric Testing Service can offer a comprehensive program including all of the items listed above.

Employer Requirements

Employers are required to establish and maintain a hearing conservation program, to include the testing of all employees whose exposure level equals or exceeds an eight-hour TWA of 85 dB.

As an employer you must provide the following items:

  1. A copy of the hearing conservation regulation.
  2. A copy of your company’s Hearing Conservation Program.
  3. The employee’s Baseline Audiogram and an annual audiogram of each employee tested.
  4. Free audiometric testing for affected employees

There are also regulations for administering the test itself:

  1. All audiograhic testing must be administered by certified technicians.
  2. The testing equipment must be calibrated and certified yearly.
  3. If a mobile van is used baseline audiograms must be performed on all employees within a year of employment.

Employees who have not been tested are required to wear hearing protection until a test can be provided. The employee must be tested yearly and the audiogram compared to the baseline to determine if a standard threshold shift has occurred.  If a shift has occurred, the employee must be retested.  Problem audiograms must be reviewed by an audiologist to determine the need for further evaluation.

Hearing Conservation

The main goal of an effective testing program is to obtain dependable, precise results.

This requires a professional staff, a quiet environment, and up to date testing devices that meet the increasing demands of OSHA's ever changing regulations.  BATS can provide all of these things and much more.
Our special mobile facility is equipped with two separate autiometric booths and can provide the proper environment to achieve the most accurate readings possible in an industrial environment.

By using advanced individual testing booths as opposed to an open office, test subjects are exposed to less background noise as well as distractions from other employees being tested.

A specially designed headset used by BATS further reduces the noises that can often penetrate sound booths.  All of these factors and many others contribute to more dependable and reliable test results.

A quote as well as a complete list of our clients can be provided upon request.  Any or all of them will be happy to provide you with a reference. 

“Our clients are our best advertisement”

Consultation & Education

Learning and understanding all of OSHA’s regulations regarding hearing conservation could possibly take a lifetime to accomplish.  Fortunately, Bonner’s Audiometric Testing Service has taken this crucial time for you.

These days company management personnel are faced with ever increasing streams of legal paperwork.  They must educate their supervisors, as well as their employees.  As part of our comprehensive hearing conservation program, we provide CAOHC certified hearing technicians and other qualified personnel.  They can assist you and your company management with your hearing conservation program in a thorough understandable way.

Whether your facility employs 1000 employees or 25, the ongoing process of training can be a formidable task.  Our years of combined industrial, lumber, and manufacturing training experience can assist in implementing and maintaining an effective hearing conservation program to suit your company’s individual needs.


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