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More About Our Services

Follow the links to the left or scroll down below to view more information on our available training services.  If you would like more detailed information on any of our training, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to get that information to you.
Also included would be a six months of phone and/or email consultation.

  • Complete Safety Manual
  • OSHA Compliance Assistance
  • OSHA Informal Conference Assistance
  • Consulting Services
  • Inspections
  • Audiometric Testing
  • Noise Level Testing
  • Atmospheric Testing
Complete Safety Manual

Management, supervisors, and employees must have a clear understanding of the safety goals expected by OSHA and your company. Concise, written safety manuals and written programs with necessary forms helps to achieve those goals.

OSHA Compliance Assistance

In the event of an OSHA inspection, we can help you to resolve any citations and prepare abatement paperwork.

OSHA Informal Conference Assistance

Once you receive an OSHA citation, you have 15 days to do one of three things: 

1) Accept the citation as is, send in abatement documentation, and pay any penalties;

2) Notify OSHA that you are filing a Notice of Contest (and do so);

3) Request an informal conference. This is your chance to talk informally with OSHA about the citation. We can help with this process..

Consulting Services

OSHA compliance, Best Safety Practices


OSHA compliance and safety audits to help you achieve the safest workplace possible..

Audiometric Testing

See the Hearing page.

Noise level testing

Atmospheric Testing

We can test for hazardous chemicals or Confined Spaces.




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